What to buy and where to buy products in Vietnam

One of the biggest factory of clothing and accessories in Asia and over the world, Vietnam is a heaven to buy quality products with a reasonable price. You will never regret after you buying. There are all kinds of clothes, purses, handbags, wallets and shoes in all markets, small shops and shopping malls.

Product to buy

1. Ao Dai

This is a Vietnamese traditional costume. it is very popular and wear by local women especially is students, teachers, etc. Buying it in a local store or customize fit for yourself by tailor shop.

2. Cotton Products

The cotton products in Vietnam is High-quality, for example bed drap, pillows, shirts or T-shirt, are appear anywhere in Vietnam. This materials are colorful and natural with reasonable prices. It becomes a good products that the visitors should buy like a gift or present.

3. Vietnamese Silk

Having a tour in Vietnam, an original home of silk and a country has long decades-old tradition of making high-quality silk products, it is a chance for you to buy some silk products. There are many specialty shops or souvenir shops, silk products are showing for you to choose.

4. Porcelain / Pottery

Around many traditional arts villages in Hanoi or many specialty shops in Vietnam, porcelain, hand-made ceramics, pottery with unique or traditional decorations on a tea plates, cups, vases are easy to buy. In addition, the traditional pottery village is Bat Trang village famous with Bat Trang’s pottery in Ha Noi

5. Lacquer Products

 High-quality lacquer products are available in Vietnam. Vietnamese artists are the most popular in Asia. Wonderful lacquer drawings, furniture, accessories and lots of other products can be find in many stores in Vietnam.

6. Jewellery and Pearls

Jewellery and Pearls are another popular shopping item in Vietnam what are made of local gemstones. You can find amethyst, ruby, aquamarine, jade, sapphire and other precious stones or gems in Vietnam.

7. Vietnamese Art Paintings

Not only oil and lacquer paintings made in Vietnam are beautiful with a reasonable price. Local artists can make many good-quality and recommend the suitable paintings for visitors with Naturally gifted and well-trained.

Where to buy

  1. The food markets in Vietnam are the best place for the customers have demand to buy fresh products. Besides, this places have an experience local culture and lifestyle in Vietnam.

2. Going to the clothing markets and street markets to buy clothing and accessories with a reasonable price than the night market.

3. You can looking for the Art Galleries to buy authentic arts and crafts in Ho Chi Minh city or Ha Noi.

4. If you want to buy some local items, such as Cotton products, silk products, jewellery and so on, Specialty and souvenir shops are especially for visitors to visit or buy.

Shopping Tips

  1. Almost the product made in home in Vietnam is not expensive while product imported from abroad are very expensive.

2. Normally, the products in south of Vietnam are cheaper than in the north, especially popular tourist cities.

3. Do not forget to bargain with the owners when you want to buy products and you will get a lower price.

4. Assuring you get offcial receipts for the products you buy in Vietnam – you need to complete the store name, address, phone number, description of item, and price you paid.


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