The Old Village of Duong Lam

Top destinations for motorcycle tours around Hanoi

Looking for a motorcycle trip near Hanoi city but don’t know where to go? Below are the 6 destinations for amazing motorcycle tours around Hanoi. Check this up before planning your lively holiday.

1. The Old Village of Duong Lam

The Old Village of Duong Lam lies peacefully on the right bank of Red River, in the township of Son Tay, 50 kilometers west of the center of Hanoi. This is a place that you must include in your motorcycle tours around Hanoi.

Young people love it for a budget trip or simply a somewhere-to-go at the weekend. To get to Duong Lam, you only have to ride toward Nhon, then go along the National Road 32 to Son Tay township. The entrance to Duong Lam village is right next to the intersection with Ho Chi Minh road.

When trotting around the village, you will get to see old houses of rosy brick covered in moss, the Duong Lam ancient well, the banyan tree that aged centuries, the antiquated roof contour of Mong Phu communal house, the Mia Pagoda, the shrines of the two Kings who originated from this land, the shrine for Giang Van Minh, an accomplished scholar. And when you are in it, don’t forget to have for yourself some of the villagers’ simple yet dainty food.

The Old Village of Duong Lam

The Old Village of Duong Lam

The ticket is VND 20,000 each. You can rent a bike to pedal around the place for 50,000 a day. And lunch at homestay guest houses only cost you 100,000. In total, the expense for the whole trip is under 500,000 for a day (only ~22 USD).

Note that if you want to visit the ancient houses, ask homeowners politely and you will surely be welcomed.

2. Ba Vi National Park

Do you wish to set your soul free to the wild, for once? Or you want to learn more about the diversity of flora and fauna? You’ll get your chance within Ba Vi national park. It’s a place of choice for tourists who are on their motorcycle tours around Hanoi.

From Cau Giay in Hanoi, take National Road 32 to get to Son Tay bus station, then take a left to Tan Linh intersection, turn left again and you’re on the national park territory. With only VND 60,000 you can get yourself to a peaceful destination near Hanoi, or you can take a fully-guided motorcycle tour to explore the whole North of Vietnam on motorbikes. Check out: North Vietnam Motorbike Tours with 13 challenging off-road routes designed by BM Travel Adventure!

At Ba Vi National Park, you should visit the Glasshouse of Cactuses, ruins of the French chapel, the King’s Pond, and try Ba Vi goat milk, chevon, or Nganh catfish.

At some 60 kilometers westward of Hanoi, with an immense 10,000 hectares of area, the Ba Vi national park is known for its beautiful, romantic scenery. It is also home to thousands of plants and animals.

3. Stop by Tram Mountain when making a motorcycle tour around Hanoi

Shading silently over the dreamy Day river, Tram mountain with its huge chunks of limestone offers a remarkable interesting destination for nature lovers. The Tram mountain is in Chuong My district, not far from Hanoi and is a suitable destination for a one day trip.

Follow National road No. 6 to the direction of Hoa Binh to get to the Chuc Son township of Chuong My. Or ride along Thang Long boulevard, you also can get to Tram mountain. It was once a sightseeing location for kings and dukes of old.

There you can traverse rugged terrains, meandering roads, visit three temples that bear historic significances- Tram pagoda, Hang pagoda and Vo Vi pagoda.

4. Thien Son – Suoi Nga

The natural ecology tourism area of Thien Son – Suoi Nga is an attractive, hard-to-miss place when you search for a destination for unsurpassed motorcycle tours around Hanoi city.

At about 60 kilometers west of Hanoi, and is only 3 kilometers from Ba Vi National Park, Thien Son – Suoi Nga is a fairyland with stacks and stacking mountains, marvelous cascades, and skies of vastness. It comprised of three main tourism areas Lower mountain (Ha Son), Middle mountain (Trung Son), and The Mount of Emerald (Ngoc Son).

In Thien Son – Suoi Nga you can visit and rest in the sighting stilt houses, immerse yourself in the pretty nature around, or feel the coolness and soothing of the clear streams. Thien Son – Suoi Nga is a really notable budget destination near Hanoi.

On a motorbike, you can ride along the National road 32 to Son Tay, turn left onto the road to Da Chong and ride for another 12 kilometers. Thang Long boulevard also can lead you there. The entrance ticket in Thien Son – Suoi Nga costs VND 150,000 each. Other expenses of food and resting place total to 200,000 for each person.

5. Perfume Pagoda (Chua Huong)

Perfume Pagoda (Chua Huong) is not a new name. It is well-known to Buddhists. not just for a spiritual location that it is, but also for the picturesque view about it. Huong Pagoda is located in Huong Son commune of My Duc district, 60 kilometers away from Hanoi.

It is where the Huong Pagoda festival is held every year from the first to the third month of Lunar calendar. Here tourists will have a unique experience being paddled on small boats through Huong river in a traditional course to visit Huong Pagoda. There are various activities to attend such as mount climbing, learning to sing Cheo, and scenes to view like the water lily lake at Yen spring or silvery fields of reed flowers.

Perfume Pagoda (Chua Huong)

Perfume Pagoda (Chua Huong)

To get to Huong Pagoda, follow this route: Nguyen Trai Street in Hanoi – Ba La intersection – Van Dinh – Te Tieu. A note to take when you go to Huong Pagoda in its festival season, take care of your belongings; thieves and pickpockets are common. Also, ask carefully for prices of services to prevent price-gouging. You can try or bring back many specialties in Huong Pagoda region like wild apricot, Sang vegetable (melientha), porcupine, highland goat and horse meat.

6. Doc Ton Summit – Ham Lon Mountain

When you are on a motorcycle tour around Hanoi, there is a place that worth spending a day on, Ham Lon mountain. At the height of 462m, Ham Lon mountain lies in the Doc Ton range in Soc Son district. Some people call it the “roof of the capital”.

It is 40 kilometers away from Hanoi. Ride on the North Thang Long – Noi Bai highway to the intersection with National Road No.2 and turn left towards Vinh Phuc province. The journey only takes less than 2 hours and you’re on Doc Ton summit of Ham Lon mountain. The winding road to Ham Lon is an uneven trail that is hard to traverse; it gets narrower as you advancing deeper.

This mountain is enjoyed by those who like hiking and mountain climbing for its rough, rocky, terrain with high slopes and primal-looking thickets Once you got to the top, take your time to find your favorite view on the clear lake down low, or the purple hill of rose myrtle or the shading pinewood where you can have a campfire later.

The weather here can shift quickly, so you better carry a raincoat, and sandals are definitely not recommended as the mountainous trails can be very slippery. Bring with you equipment suitable for mountain hiking, food, water, and first aids for emergencies.

With the stunning destinations suggested above, hesitate no more to plan your motorcycle tours around Hanoi city. A motorcycle trip near Hanoi city at the weekend is a great way to get wonderful experiences and also to escape from the hustling and bustling life of the modern city.

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