The best time to visit Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city)

Which is the best season visit to Saigon? Which is the best festivals in Saigon? How many weather in Saigon? What are the most interesting weather? Reading it below here.

Summary, When to travel to Saigon?

You can go to Saigon from October to March that’s the dry season, it can be the best time to visit the city with 300 years history. However, you can visit this modern city anytime of the year because the weather of Saigon is tropical. In addition, I suggest you should avoid the season from April to October with daily short showers, but you can still go in spite of wet.

Weather of Saigon in January

In January, the temperatures has average high (C/F): 33/91, average low (C/F): 18/64.

Festivals and Events in January at Saigon:

On the January 1st is the New Year, the Saigon’s citizen take part in the expatriate community to celebrate this Western holiday. However, the New year on Gregorian (Western) calendar is not widely celebrated as the TET Lunar New Year.

The weather in February of Saigon

The temperatures in February has an average high (C/F): 35/96, average low (C/F): 19/66.

Festivals and Events in February:

On February 14th is the Red Valentine’s Day. The females on that day will give gifts or present to males.

From 15 – 20, February: Following the 2018 calendar year, TET Lunar New Year in between these dates. That’s the largest holiday in Vietnam. Almost businesses will be closed during this holiday.

In addition, on this time will be had The Spring Flower Festivals during on Tet holidays. It will be taken place on Nguyen Hue Boulevard, District 1, with showed many type of flower designs. Not only this, the visitors can eat the local foods and see many exhibition by local artist. The other flow place is located in Tao Dan Cultural Park on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, district 1, as well. The festival include folk music, folk game, local foods and various of flowers.

Don’t forget the Lantern Festival (Tet Nguyen Tieu) falls in 15th day of the first Lunar month, it usually falls in February of the Western Calendar. This Festival celebrated by the Chinese community in District 5 (Cho Lon). The streets are colorful lanterns and art displays during this period.

Weather of Saigon in March

In March, the temperatures of Saigon had average high (C/F): 36/97, average low (C/F): 23/73.

Festivals and Event in March

On March 8th is the International Women’s Day.

On March 14th is the White Valentine’s Day. This is the day that males give presents or gifts to females, it can be called return their appreciation and thanks.

The Book Festival will happen on first two weeks of every March. An exhibition of Vietnamese and English books will be appeared by local bookstores in a park. With many reasonable price and include some unusual finds. It located in Le Van Tam Park, Vo Thi Sau St. Dist, 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

10th day of the third Lunar month is Hung King’s Commemoration. The temple was built for the King at Suoi Tien Park in District 9.

The weather of Saigon in April

The temperatures in April of Saigon had an average high (C/F): 37/99, average low (C/F): 23/73.

Festivals and Events in April at Saigon:

On April 14th is the Black Valentine’s Day, on this day is originated from Korea but it is quite popular with the local Vietnamese. On this day, almost singles people with a single status will exchange gifts with each other, they will wear all black for this day.

April 30th is Liberation Day, on this day is the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 between the North and South Vietnam was reunited.

Weather in May at Saigon

The temperatures in May at Saigon had average high (C/F): 37/99, average low (C/F): 24/75

Festivals and Events in May at Saigon

May 1st is the International Labor Day, you can get a double-day holiday because previous day is April 30th.

May 19th is Ho Chi Minh’s birthday.

On May 15th of the fourth Lunar month is Buddha’s Birthday, it usually falls in May in the Western Calendar. This day commemorates the birth, enlightenment and the death of Buddha. This religious holiday was celebrated with prayer at various temples in Ho Chi Minh City.

The weather in June

On June, the temperatures at Saigon is average high (C/F): 36/97, average low (C/F): 22/72

Festivals and Events in June:

June 1st is the International Children’s Day which is a funny day for the child play games at the parks and get presents from their relatives.

5th of May in Lunar calendar is TET Doan Ngo, it usually falls in June in the Western calendar. The mid-year holiday marks the seasonal change from spring to summer.

Weather in July at Saigon

On July the temperatures in Saigon had average high (C/F): 34/93, average low (C/F): 23/73.

Weather in August at Saigon

On August the temperatures in Saigon had average high (C/F): 36/97, average low (C/F): 24/75.

Weather in September at Saigon

On September the temperatures in Saigon had average high (C/F): 35/95, average low (C/F): 23/73.

Festivals and Events in September:

In September 2nd is the National Day is celebrated with festivals and music was happened at local parks throughout Ho Chi Minh city.

In September 24th is the 15th of August in the Lunar calendar, it call Mid-Autumn Festival. It falls on the 24th of September in 2018 Western calendar. The streets are decorated with lanterns and mooncakes in Chinatown.

The weather in October

The temperatures in October at Saigon is average high (C/F): 34/93, average low (C/F): 24/75.

Festivals and Events in October at Saigon:

On October 20th is the Vietnamese Women’s Day.

On October 31st is the Halloween.

Weather in November at Saigon

The temperatures in Saigon is average high (C/F): 36/97 and average low (C/F): 23/73.

Festivals and Events in November

On November 20th is the Teacher’s Day, on this day, students and schools will make an event to show appreciation to the teachers.

Weather in December at Saigon

The temperatures on December of Saigon is average high (C/F): 34/93, average low (C/F) is 20/68.

Festivals and Events in December at Saigon:

On December 25th is Christmas day. Some of few major streets such as Nguyen Hue, Dong Khoi, Le Loi, Le Duan will have colorful lighting decorations. Many people go outside on the street and seeing the lights, decorations. It make the street are crowded at night.


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