Discover unique Sapa market- The soul of Northwestern mountains

Discover unique Sapa market- The soul of Northwestern mountains

When it comes to Sapa, people often think of the unique beauty of terraced fields, the contemplation of the Northwestern mountains, the towering peak of Fanxipan. However, it will be a pity if you just visit Sapa, the misty town for sightseeing. In Sapa, there is a lot offered for visitors.

The attraction of Sapa is also built from the cultures of the local people who make the soul of this place. And, one of the most unique characteristics making Sapa different from every other place in this world is the legendary Sapa market, where we find all the freshest, most special things which promise you many interesting experiences. So, let’s with BM Travel Motorbike Tour discover what they are!

When and Where Sapa Market takes place

Sapa Love Market is held right in the heart of Sapa town. The cool climate of Sapa all year round with snow added sometimes makes the Sapa market much more romantic. Love Market is now no longer a vacant lot in front of the gate of every New Year market but it takes place at a fixed place. Coming to Sapa, tourists can join the love market in the square in front of the Stone church. This is also the central venue for exciting activities of Sapa town on each festive occasion.

Love Market originally originated from the Dao and only takes place once every Saturday night. Starting from the late afternoon, at this time, go downtown and enjoy the bustling trade of this romantic town. A lot of scarlet-headed women wear gorgeous embroidered costumes and silver bracelets looking very fancy.

Discover unique Sapa market- The soul of Northwestern mountains

Discover unique Sapa market- The soul of Northwestern mountains

What to look for in Sapa market

Visiting Sapa Love Market, you will now be able to attend many outstanding entertainment activities such as watching cultural performances, watching and taking pictures with ethnic children in traditional costumes, visiting the Stone church, and eat delicious local delicacies in the nearby pedestrian street. What makes the Sapa market special includes the following activities. Check it out!

Performance of traditional dances of ethnic people

Every Saturday night at Sapa love market, visitors will hear the sound of trumpets and vibrant music playing from time to time. Gathering in crowded places, you will see the scene where the trumpet-playing boys dance around to find their lovers. Meanwhile, young girls with blushing cheeks wearing ethnic skirts, rattles on their legs holding umbrellas dancing back and forth. It is not surprising that after each Sapa love market will be the chance for couples to seek their life partner.

Buying brocade and taking photos

The square area is also the venue for frequent festivals and entertainment activities on special occasions such as September 2, New Year, celebrations … In addition, the locals also gather here to sell souvenir items with brocade motifs.

Visitors will see little girls and boys following their mothers arrange goods for sale. Their small stalls are full of colorful bracelets, embroidery handkerchiefs, handbags, with eye-catching brocade motifs.

Commonly, if visitors want to take photos with ethnic minority children, it is needed for them to buy something. So, if you don’t want to do that, remember not to come closer to these little boys and girls.

Visiting the Stone Church and enjoying the cold atmosphere in the evening

Actually, we can’t forget a visit to the Stone church once you’ve come to the Sapa market. The church is the most complete ancient architectural mark of the French to this day. A special feature here is that the entire church from the wall, the floor to the bell tower, and the churchyard are built of hewn stones bounded together with sand, lime, and molasses.

Ancient and gorgeous! You should not miss taking photos with this church. However, you should come here in the morning since the evening is too dark to make nice photos.

Joining a food tour, why not?

Well, the Sapa love market is home to local delicacies that were born with unique features of Northwestern mountain cuisine. Sapa love market welcomes visitors with unique delicacies bearing the flavor of the high mountains such as apple cider wine, or grilled dishes such as barbecue, grilled forest birds, fish balls, shrimp balls. , … with temperate fruits and vegetables such as chayote, cauliflower, corn, …Do not forget to visit the pedestrian street and enjoy hundreds of Sapa snacks such as baked eggs, potatoes, corn. Wow, tasty!

Some notes for you when coming to Sapa market

The following information will be actually important for you. They are:

  • Tourists should come to Sapa on the weekends. Because the Sapa market only takes place on Saturday evenings. If you’d love to have a motorbike tour to Sapa for 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights, spend the last night of the trip to go to the market.
  • Sapa love Market also sells many Sapa specialties as gifts for your family and friends including chestnuts and fruits (peaches, plums). Be sure to bargain before paying money for souvenirs or clothes. You can buy it at much lower prices.

The best time to visit Sapa market

The ideal time of the year for your visit to the Sapa market is from November to December or spring. In spring, this place is filled with a festive atmosphere while travelers can join many artistic activities in winter with snows sometimes. If you choose to go in December, the bustle and hustle of Christmas celebrations held on the Sapa stone church near the venue of the Sapa love market will captivate you easily.

Last words to say,

Sapa love market is a unique cultural beauty that can be found only in the life of highland ethnic people. Once you’ve come to Sapa Market, you accept the chance to both have unforgettable experiences and learn about the great culture of the region. It cannot be denied that the Sapa market, as a rising star of Northwest Vietnam, is contributing much to the development of Vietnamese tourism. If you have ever visited Sapa once, share your feelings and experiences with us!


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