7 causes to visit Nha Trang, the shining pearl of Vietnam

The warm picture with yellow sandy beach beneath your feet, majestic mountains, towering building, skyline and cobalt-blue ocean and you’ve just painted yourself an image of Nha Trang – a coastal city on the South-Central of Vietnam.

A beautiful beach for the locals and visitors, it is often check-in by tourists, with many beautiful landscape on the ocean and island. Bringing the breath from the sea for the crowded city that between sea and mountains.

After reading my post about 7 causes to visit Nha Trang, you will get more information about this sea city and you will have many experiences if you come to Nha Trang. The place which sea and mountains combine together then give the good result for travelers to explore.

Ba ho waterfall, nha trang, vietnam

Wonderful beaches

Spreading over 6km of sea side with white sand, the crescent-shaped Nha Trang Beach overlooks the strip of silk – the Nha Trang Bay – Enjoying the warm water in the sea or lay-down on the white sand at the beach then feeling the hot from the sun shine of tropical climate. That’s unmemorable on their life.

If you want to go further than the beach opposite with your hotel, you can review some of tours 1 day or half day about visiting many islands by boat. It brings many new things like diving into the sea, seeing the coral or walking under the sea are many good things that you should try.

The crescent-shaped Nha Trang Beach

Soaking in the mud

After spending all day at the beach, it’s time to get rid of the sand – by soaking in mud. That’s a special local in this city.

Soaking on the mud bath will help you re-structure the skin, rejecting many death cell from your body. After Soaking you will get many experience like soak on the herbal. Then having a steam, all of it will improve your sunburnt skin after spending all day on the beach yesterday.

One of the famous mud bath is the Thap Ba Spa which offers the cheapest treatments (VND200,000 for communal baths, $10usd) in town that comes with a mineral waterfall, swimming pool and and a hydrotherapy wall.

There are many services mud bath like massage, restaurants, beautiful views, etc. for you to take a rest in here half of day.

Mud bath in Nha Trang

Po Nagar Cham 

A recommended for visitors first time come to Nha Trang is visiting Po Nagar Cham is a must to understand the cultural heritage of Nha Trang.

It was built between the 7th and 12th centuries by Champa that’s the ancient Champa empire, the remnants of the temple once dedicated to the goddess of Po Nagar still serves as a functioning temple today – albeit to the Cham and Buddhists devotees.

There are four east-facing towers typical of the Cham architecture. As it is a small complex, you could spend a bit of your time exploring the ruins.

The towers of po nagar near nha trang in vietnam

Local food and street food

Nha Trang is not only famous by beautiful beaches, many delicious and unique local foods are different than others. You should spend time to try all of these food to understand more about culinary in Nha Trang.

There are many local foods in this beautiful beach city from wild meat to seafood. It very various that you should explore. As for meat, it has Nem nuong Ninh Hoa (Ninh Hoa Grilled pork), Thit bo nuong Lac Canh (Lac Canh Grilled beef). As for the seafoods, we have Banh can (Can cake), Bun cha ca (Fried fish noodle), fresh seafood from the fishing village like lobster, prawn, crab, shell, etc. All of it are fresh and must try when you come to visit this destination.

Seafood in Nha Trang

Vinpearl Land Paradise

The “most attractive amusement park” by Vietnam Tourism Association, Vinpearl Land boasts a theme park complete with thrill rides, Ferris wheel, a water park, and a luxury resort that are sure to satisfy both the kids and the kid-at-heart.

While at it, join the line to ride the world’s longest cable car sea crossing – it’s over 3km! – to make for a memorable day trip. The ticket for it is from 500.000 VND to 900.000 VND, going there you will have a big experience on this island.

Booze cruise

Not one to be missed by the four-island boat trip is popular for several reasons: it features scuba diving at Mun Island, lunch buffet on deck, live music and dance performances, water sports activities, and even a floating bar. There are many activities for you to discover.

Yup, you read that one right.

Normally, all of that are a 1 day tour or half day tour, it cost less than 200,000 VND ($10USD) including hotel pickup


If you are boring with dip in the beach, the new adventure for you is trying dip yourself in the waterfalls. It’s a little detour to Ba Ho Waterfalls – 25km north of Nha Trang.

Renting a motorcycle and driving on the road to reach the place. Once there, pay VND20,000 (1USD) for the entrance ticket and follow the painted arrows for a half-hour trek through the rainforest and dip yourself in the refreshing pool. Comprises a series of three waterfalls, Ba Ho provides the rest and respite from the beaches and bustling city.

Ba Ho waterfall, Nha Trang,


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